Hello Slave,

my name is Lady Lou. I´m a original Bavarian Lady. My first language is german. I´m not a perfect English speaker, but I won´t miss a chance to control you in English too. I´m a unique - you won´t forget to pay a call on me.

My favorite is the one-way-ticket to drive you crazy.

I have a liking for:
Amorous Seduction, Anal Therapy, Ball Busting, Body Torture, Bondage (Rope, Foil, String, ..), Boxing, Breath Control, Cane, Castigation, CBT, Cross-Dresser, Cuckold, Denunciation, Distance Education, Dominant Wrestling, English Education, Extreme Imagination, Facesitting, Feed Erotism, Flagellation, Frontier Crossing, Golden Shower, KV, Latex Education, Long-Term Care, Mind Abstraction, Nipple Torture, Parade and Training, Pet Training, Physical Examination, Reduction, Roman Shower, Role Play,Sanction, Slave Education, Smoke, Spitting, Stimulation Current, Sweet KV, Trampling, Violat., Wax

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+49 151 109 39 333

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